Are you tired of being in pain?  Have you ever asked yourself, "Will I ever be pain-free without opioids?"  After years of searching for pain relief, have you found a solution that works for you?

Have you been to different doctors, tried therapies, injections, or even surgeries, and still have chronic debilitating pain? 

When you arrive at our office, we will start with a thorough history taking and physical examination.  Additional labs, MRI, and/or other tests may be needed in order to gain more insight into your chronic pain and diagnosis.  We may need to review your previous medical records, as well as your previous treatments, and your current medication regimen.  This will help us get to know you better and help us get a glimpse of how your pain was managed in the past.

We will give you a detailed outline of our assessment and present you with a treatment guideline and options.  At this point, you can decide if the treatment we offer is right for you. 

If you decide this is right for you, we may begin the program immediately.  Depending on your situation and condition, we may recommend inpatient vs. outpatient opioid detoxification.  As you continue with your treatment plan, you will be continually learning and gaining a better understanding of the diseases of chronic pain, chemical dependency and addiction.  You will also gain insights into the benefits and risks of each treatment option available and be able to choose which treatment options are right for you.  We will coach you through the implementation of these treatment modalities.  You will also learn the importance of lifestyle modification, physical strengthening and conditioning, as well as spiritual awakening.  We will guide you through the steps of these transformations.  Ultimately, you will be equipped to sustain a fulfilling life of sobriety from opioids and maintain an active lifestyle without suffering from chronic, debilitating pain and opioid dependency.

Opioids for Pain

Have you ever felt like you needed to take more opioid pain medicine to stop the pain?  Have you ever used a few more pills than were prescribed to you?  Have you ever run out of medication prior to the refill date and felt miserable, anxious, in more pain, shaky, sweating, diarrhea, etc.?   Does any one of these symptoms sound familiar?  Have you ever been “fired” by your pain doctor because you cannot follow their medication policy?

OR perhaps you’ve followed your doctor's instructions precisely, ​but over time your pain is no longer responding to the pain medication, the opioids.  You’ve been turned away by your doctor when you asked for stronger pain medication.  You’ve consulted with other doctors and there seems to be no clear solution to your suffering.  You cannot keep up at work, your family relationships are conflicted, you cannot get any relief even when you rest at home.  You are constantly feeling upset, agitated, irritable, frustrated, and angry.  You begin to feel that nobody cares about your pain.  Your life has become miserable.

If you have been suffering from chronic pain, you have probably come across these feelings.  If you are frustrated with your pain and feel that you are stuck in the rut, we have an alternative way to help you get through this.

What to expect?

We know that you are unsure of what life would be like without pain medicine.  After all, the medicine is probably the only thing you've tried that gave you a glimpse of hope for relief.  But you are also aware that pain medication, opioids, may not be a long term solution for your pain.  

You probably have some uncertainty and skepticism about opioid-free pain management.  You are wondering how you will be able to handle the pain without opioids.  We encourage you to come visit us and explore for yourself.  Let us help you find a new way to manage your pain.