Chronic Pain Anonymous Meetings held weekly

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"Stories of Hope" and "Recipe for Recovery"

 Stages of Our Program:

·  Evaluate, identify, and understand

the root cause of the pain

·  Learn opiate-free
approaches to manage pain while decreasing dependence on opiate pain medications

·  Learn how to modify/address the environment  contributing to your pain whether it is physical, emotional, relational, spiritual, etc.  Our coaches will provide support on how to ide
ntify and cope with high-risk pain situations and related emotional challenges

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Program Goals:  

·  Assess and identify origin or cause of pain

·  Evaluate for addiction versus pseudo-addiction

·  Agree upon a treatment plan (tapering narcotics/managing pain with your choice of multiple modalities)

·  Effective medication management

·  Restore physical activities by accepting your body's abilities

·  Learn how to decrease stress and
anxiety by increasing awareness of  activities and/or triggers that cause

·  Increase ability to problem solve by
using multiple techniques

·  Identify depression, anxiety, grief and
loss, and refer to counseling and/or

·  Introduce a 12-step recovery program

·  Discuss and team up with accountability partners


Pain Evaluation and Treatment may include:

1) Comprehensive Pain Assessment

2) Fitness Restoration (Aquatic/Chiropractic/Physical Therapy)

3) Awareness/Education – appropriate medication versus addictive pain medication

4) Explore alternative modalities (Acupuncture/Meditation/Massage/Stretching)

5) Explore opiate-free medication alternatives

6) Establish a Pain Counselor

7) Pain procedures (Epidural Steroid Injections, Joint Injections, Facet Injections, Rhizotomies, Nerve Blocks, Trigger Point Injections, Spinal Cord Stimulations, etc.) 

8) Attend Support Meetings (Chronic Pain Anonymous)

Interventional Pain and Recovery Center